Simplifying eDiscovey for lawyers

How does it work?

Our patented technology makes extraction of electronic evidence simple. Click on each product below to see how to collect the evidence you need without all the hassle.

Gathering evidence on social evidence

  • Step 1: From Indico login to Facebook/Twitter/Email of the client
  • Step 2: Select status messages, location, pictures as evidence into Indico Timeline
  • Step 3: Profit!

Gathering evidence from text messages

  • Step 1: Plug in the phone* to your computer via USB cable.
  • Step 2: Select messages, pictures into Indico Timeline
  • Step 3: Profit!

* Android, iPhone

Is This Admissible Evidence?

Absolutely. As soon as the evidence has been extracted, our patented software “tags” each message with several pieces of information (metadata), one saying when the message was sent or received, any other information it contains (GPS data, etc.), and another metadata tag indicating when the evidence was extracted and locks it for editing. This combination ensures the message will be admissible as evidence.

Ok, I’m sold, but legal products are expensive. I just don’t think I can afford one more “convenience” cost.

We get it, and that’s why we built this product. At only $X.XX per Y (license, month, etc.), we vastly undercut the competition. We don’t believe that the price of a product should be a reflection of the industry it’s built for. Our philosophy is that if we build a great product at a great price, everyone profits.

I’m not good with computers. Won’t adding one more piece of software just complicate my life even more?

If you’ve ever used email or plugged in a smartphone, you can use [product name]. Electronic evidence is here to stay, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to preserve and sort through it. Sure, you could carry on taking photographs of text messages, or printing screenshots of emails, but we have faith in you. Our product is a cinch to use and we give you our guarantee. If you’re not comfortable with computers or just not sure where to begin, we offer free private training sessions with each new license/purchase/etc. You have our guarantee that if you can’t use our product, or aren’t completely satisfied in any way, we’ll give you 200% your money back AND you can keep the product for an additional X months!