Simplifying eDiscovey for lawyers

A New Day

Today starts another day and chapter for Lake Effect Ventures. We have completed many of the preliminary activities needed to get the concept on its way and to start gaining a bit of traction. There is still plenty more work to do but passing big milestone is always a plus. We will now reassess the concept, get a better understanding of where we are at, and strategize the best way to execute on the next set of initiatives.

Logo, Social Media and stuff

At Lake Effect Ventures, things are highly democratic - we vote on almost everything - be the name of the team, name of the product or the product itself. Mostly some one would put google doc spreadsheet and make a form out of it. Here is an example, 8 blindfolded submissions gave a unanimous decision. Similarly we got our team name(Lake Effect Ventures) and product name. While the first one was moderately quick, the second one i.e. the product name, appeared to be quite a challenge. There were around 20 proposals and we looked into Google Adwords and Google trends thinking some SEO perspective might help - data driven analysis, for the fancypants. However, we settled with Indico. - Latin[verb] meaning evidence. I take utter pride for my skills with Google Translate for this discovery. But on a serious note, we do feel this name embodies what we want to empower the legal community with - *Evidence* the truth.

Logo Design

Benn Bennett, apparently has yet another skill. Photoshop. (Envy). Check out the 3 cool logos he churned out last night The first one seems to be the favorite of the team.

Social Media

Twitter, Google+, Facebook - we are available on all of them. We are still not active on them as we would love to, but none the we will be using all of them.

Handling Email traffic

Our team consists of 8 noisy members, and so you have to tune your inbox to handle such traffic. Activate multiple inbox in gmail, with a filter that consists all the mail ids of your team mates and the venture-labs email. This'll keep all your venture labs emails in one place and you'll never waste time searching emails.