Simplifying eDiscovey for lawyers

Who We Are

Hailing from the Second City this motley crew of fellas, now known as Lake Effect Ventures, has come together to ideate and create. Come high wind, rain, sleet, or the ever chaotic lake effect snow we look to deliver our venture concept(s) on quality, on time, and on point!

For us, INDICO is an effort to re-imagine how eDiscovery is done. We’re paving the modern path for extracting, sorting, and viewing electronic evidence. We are engineering, business and thought leaders. We are backed by Legal Capital and an experienced team of advisors.

Why Are We Here?

INDICO began when we questioned the archaic practices of legal discovery. As electronic evidence becomes more and more prevalent, the processing of it has changed very little over the years. Lawyers are still copying and pasting, taking screenshots, and even taking photos of electronic evidence. We knew there had to be a better way.

To bring the world of electronic evidence into the 21st century, we started from the ground up. We created INDICO to improve productivity, ease the process of gathering and processing data, and increase the likelihood of winning cases.